Professional Service
Residential real estate development

Source sites with advantageous geographical locations, communicate with consultants, agents, and contractors, and obtain the income through acquisition and development. Track the progress of project development.

  • Market research and analyse in potential growth areas

  • Develop feasibilities and investment strategy

  • Consultation during the development process

Advice on Transaction Agreements

We provide detailed transaction advice and support to help you reach your transaction goals quickly, efficiently, and with added value. We help convert strategic vision into reality and ensure the deal making process runs smoothly.

  • Transaction structuring and negotiation

  • Auction process and process documentation

  • Buy- and sell-side due diligence

Consultancy Services

We offer a broad variety of property advisory services to meet every demand across all property sectors. This includes working with developers, investors, funds, financiers, landlords, and tenants.

We provide individualised counsel to clients to assist their real estate and development needs by drawing on our intricate industry knowledge, extensive experience, and familiarity with current market trends. We are aware of your financial and real estate objectives, and we customise our advising services to help you make the best possible investment or purchasing choices.